• your favorite Classic cars are making an electric comeback.

    • THE EV30: 1988-1992 BMW 3-series, Reimagined electric.

      Introducing the first R Motors performance electric retrofit conversion.


      Exterior: We maintain the exterior appearance and patina of original paint, wheels, and trim while refreshing suspension, brakes, and tires to keep original steering, handling and braking feel. Don't mess with success.


      Interior: Also refreshed, but right-on original style. We reuse original instrument cluster and controls, but make everything subtly EV- and smartphone-aware for power monitoring, navigation and music.

      Warranty-Backed EV Power

      A 150kW AC motor that produces 210 ft. lbs of torque at 0 rpm directly powers the rear wheels.


      Brand-new (read: not raided from wrecked Teslas), 60kWh high power-density battery cells occupy the engine bay and part of the trunk, along with all management and charging electronics. You can charge at home or on the go at thousands of existing charge points nationwide.


      All modular, all upgradeable as EV technology advances. Your E30 may be a classic throwback, but it will never be stuck in time again. The all-new EV powertrain is protected by our 3-year/30,000 mile warranty.

      Fully Reversible,
      Cut-Free Conversion

      R Motors E30 conversions do not structurally alter sheet metal or irreversibly modify mounts.


      If you want to send the car back in time to its petrol-powered beginnings, you can always do so. (But we are pretty sure you won't think about it again after your first drive.)

    • Performance

      All figures estimated – final numbers expected later in 2019

      0-60 MPH

      6 seconds

      Original Performance: 8.7 seconds (5 speed)


      120 Miles

      Original gas range was, well, quite a bit more. But battery energy density is improving!


      110 MPGe

      Those 120 miles will cost you about $2 in many states. Zero tailpipe emissions.